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Are you a real person?
A: I think so.

At a movie theater which arm rest is yours? 
A: All of them.

Can I marry you?
A: No.

Are you educated?
A: Potty trained. 

Is giving my credit card number safe on this site? 
A:Yes! We use the latest in high-end secure socket layer encryption technology to assure every transaction is safe! We process the orders through our vendor CCNow who has an impeccable reputation for security and satisfaction.


What's the best way to get younger women?
A: Show them your credit card and make sure there's money on it.

Where do you ship from?
A: Alabama.

Do you know any famous people?
A: Yeah, my mom.

How do I order? 
A:Go to the Add to Cart on the top or side panel. 

Do you take all major credit cards? 
A: Yes, definitely! and Paypal, too.

Well this dork slept with you, so what does that say about you?
A: Guys are jealous of me.

Why do girls always get in dance clubs without cover?
A: Women are why guys go to dance clubs. This is how the system works. Guy sees girl he wants to hook up with.

Guy buys her drink hoping she'll want to marry him. Girl walks away with free drink. Guy gets upset money didn't buy her. Process repeats itself. Bar makes money.

You smell very nice. What cologne do you use?
A: Febreeze. 

Do you guys smoke herb?
A: No

How long does it take for my mask to arrive?
A: Please view the map below...It is not 100% but it is close.

 shipping map